Can't Stop, Won't Stop. It could be and probably is The Mantells' motto as well as now being the name of their newest EP.

2016 has already began with a bang for The Mantells and it's been a case of start as you mean to go on. The Music Factor- a film in which The Mantells starred in and released at the end of 2015- has been receiving great praise, they have played at Manchester's famous Ritz venue and now they have released their Can't Stop, Won't Stop EP. Busy times for one of Manchester's busiest and hardest working bands.

The Mantells have been amassing a huge support base and they will be delighted with this latest effort from their favourite band.

With its catchy hooks, infectious melodies and the usual clever harmonies this 4 track EP demonstrates all that is good about The Mantells.

It's a case of all killer no filler on Can't Stop, Won't Stop. Ep opener Stop to Think features The Mantells best guitar riffs and basslines to date, Human Touch is an earworm of a track that is one of The Mantells finest hours yet and Sunshine does what it says on the tin and brightens your day. I am, however, saving my biggest praise for EP closing Such A Shame. It's the peak of The Mantells powers so far. It  exhibits the individual finesse of each member and comes together to make the perfect Mantells track. This is what The Mantells have been building to.

The Ritz gig and the release of this EP have set the foundations for 2016 and now The Mantells need to, and no doubt will, build on these now. With a headline tour in the pipeline and the festival season upon us they have the tools needed. It could be a massive 2016.