The Jackobins


Out Now

The Jackobins have brought us their new offering, Nightfire, and it would appear that the band are doing things slightly differently now. And I love it!

Gone are the usual bold, heavy guitars of old and in comes a new, almost tropical flavour sound that, whilst it sees the band heading in a new direction, remains as driving and as ambitious as before.

The new sound of Nightfire only enhances the long held opinion that The Jackobins are one of the most talented bands on the circuit at the moment.

Whether this bold new direction is the new Jackobins or whether this is a standalone release remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, Nightfire is a blistering track that has the potential to help The Jackobins push to that next level.

The band are about to embark on a nationwide headline tour that will see the band visit a venue near you. For the full Jackobins experience, you have to attend at least one of those shows. For tickets and more information click here.