Red Light Effect

Sunflower State

Out Now

With the band all set to play Emerging North Live on the 23rd April Red Light Effect bring us their new single Sunflower State and it is one of the tracks of 2016 so far. 

Red Light Effect are busy earning themselves a reputation for being a hardworking and extremely talented band and Sunflower State helps compound them facts even further.

If, like me, you like your music dark and broody then this is the track for you. It's a dynamic track that wears a number of its influences on its sleeves whilst retaining a sound that is undeniably Red Light Effect with its 1980's sounding vocal that is backed up with a fresh, modern sounding rhythm section, together they combine perfectly.

Sunflower State demonstrates the ability and promise that they posess and hints at what we can come to expect from the band.

If you like the sound of Red Light Effect then you can catch them at the next Emerging North Live at Manchester's Aatma (formerly Kraak Gallery) on April 23rd with tickets available here or on the dates below.