Jess Kemp

Camden EP

Out April 29th

It can't be denied that Jess Kemp is becoming a true Manchester star and a certain superstar of the future. Her inimitable style and vocals coupled with her incredible songwriting abililty put her in a league of her own and she can certainly count me as a huge fan. With that being said, you can imagine my delight when her brand new EP, Camden, dropped in my inbox. It's a beautiful, heartfelt and honest affair that will surely see her soar in to the upper echelon of not just Manchester's music scene but nationally.

The EP starts out with title track Camden. Its a poppy, radio ready track that uses Jess's incredible vocal to full effect. We also get our first taste of the full band that Jess now has backing her up and it seems like a master stroke. The fullness of the band behind the talent of Jess and her guitar add up to a measure that is greater than the sum of it's parts. To think that this track is from an unsigned artist is madness, it is as polished and refined as anything gaining national recognition at the moment. Killer Shoes is the 2nd track on the EP. People may be familiar with this track as it has already been released by Jess. It's atrack that cuts right through you as Jess hits a vocal peak, her tone and delivery are sublime. At the halfway mark I had to take stock of what I was listening to, this is special... very special. The penultimate track on the EP is Stay, a staple of her live sets that has been transferred perfectly to record. All the emotion of the song translates just as well as it does live. This is one of my favourite Jess Kemp tracks and it's a pleasure to listen to. The honour of closing this marvellous EP goes to Stars. Again many people may be familiar with this track because it is arguably Jess's most famous song. It again has the sound and feel of something that a much more established and mainstream artist has released and it further compounds my amazement that none of musics bigwigs have yet picked up on Jess and the band.

I feel like this has been a gushing review but It can't be helped, this is an incredible effort. It is rare that a debut EP lands in my inbox that features a track that sounds ready to go on and be released and packaged to the mainstream market let alone 4. Each and every track on this EP has single wrote all over it and that has to be admired. Jess and her band deserve huge credit and applause for this stormer of an EP.

Kudos must also go to Paige Nicole for the incredible artwork. It is yet another standout aspect of the EP.

Jess and her band are about to play a huge show at Manchester Academy 3, April 29th, and I cannot urge you strongly enough to be there supporting Jess for this huge and unmissable show. Tickets and full details of the night can be found here.