After a fairly elusive and secretive arrival on social media a couple of months ago Types introduce themselves on Monday with the release of what I am tipping to be one of the EP's of 2016 in Combination One.

 Made up of "Underground music veterans" Types merge band members from Velocets (Adam Walsh) and Hans Island (Dean Glover / Ben Robinson) all of whom bring a wealth of experience of the scene, experience that shines through on this absolute hammer of an EP.

The EP opens with title track Combination One which, after a subdued and jangly guitar start, explodes in to life with a bass heavy groove that is the perfect backdrop to Adam's slick vocals and sets the tone for what is to come. Shoulders is track 2 and it's a fast paced and thunderous track that pretty much sums Types up perfectly. It has all the attributes that we can expect of a Types track and I can see this being a fans favourite. The highlight of the EP for me though has to be Thirteen. It's very much akin to to Combination One with its tranquil beginning that crescendos in to a vast rollercoaster of a track that is full of highs. It's definitely going to be a stormer when performed live. Closing track House sees us out in style. It's a crisp track that delivers on all fronts and is for me the best vocal on the EP too.

I have to say that Combination One is without doubt my highlight of 2016 so far. It is a masterclass that, despite being written and recorded in such a short space of time, puts Types on the Manchester map and will surely see them national recognition soon. 

Types, with their wealth of experience and these tracks in hand, seem set to be an unmissable live act and I am relishing seeing them in action when they head out on the road, including a set at Blackthorn Festival.

A band with a big future for sure.


Combination One EP

Out 21/3/2016